Late Night Shorts

E Street Cinema
9:30pm, March 17th

Join us and enjoy a series of quirky enviro flicks after dinner on Friday night!


PICKLE (USA, 2016, 15 min.)

Directed by Amy Nicholson.

Tom and Debbie Nicholson reminisce about the parade of unlikely pets they have taken in over the years, from an obese chicken to a paraplegic possum.


THE DOG (USA, 2015, 9 min.)

Directed by Zackary Canepari and Drea Cooper.

Sony stops manufacturing replacement parts for its Aibo pet robot, as owners scramble to extend the lives of their beloved robot-dogs.


THE RATS (France, 2015, 10 min.)

Directed by Emile Dumas.

A natural history of the motor car species.


SIMON BECK: SNOWARTIST (Norway, 2016, 6 min.)

Directed by Audun Fjeldheim and Sindre Kinnerød.

British artist Simon Beck creates unique geometric snow patterns inspired by ice crystals, spiderwebs, ferns and other natural sights.


THE DIVER (Mexico, 2015, 15 min.)

Directed by Esteban Arrangoiz.

Join Julio César Cu Cámara on the job, as he repairs pumps and dislodges garbage that flows into Mexico City’s sewerage system.


Friday, Mar. 17, 9:30 pm – E Street Cinema

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