Shorts: Female Filmmakers Spotlight

Carnegie Institution for Science
7:00pm, March 16th

Presented with Women in Film & Video
Journey through America’s toughest terrains, majestic landscapes and remote sites with a stellar trio of environmental films by award-winning female filmmakers.


GUIDED (USA, 2016, 18 min.)

Guided profiles the gentle spirit of Maine wilderness guide Ray Reitze who shares his philosophy of how to live in harmony with the outdoors to the next generation of guides. Directed by Bridget Besaw.


CANYON SONG (USA, 2016, 12 min.)

Two young sisters learn about their Navajo culture and history within the sacred walls of Canyon de Chelly National Monument. Directed by Amy Marquis and Dana Romanoff.


ELK RIVER (USA, 2016, 28 min.)

Meet backcountry guides and cattle ranchers whose lives are intricately tied with elk and other migratory species that call the Greater Yellowstone home. Directed by Jenny Nichols and Joe Riis.


Thursday, Mar. 16, 7:00 pm – Carnegie Institution for Science

* Tickets: $10 (Screening Only); $20 (Pre-Reception + Screening).

* Discussion with filmmaker Bridget Besaw, as well as Amy Marquis and Dana Romanoff (Canyon Song) and Jenny Nichols (Elk River) follows screening. (Bridget Besaw and Amy Marquis will be unable to attend due to inclement weather.)



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