Short Change – Short Documentaries with Impact

Films that have a tangible effect at the personal and policy levels are an annual Festival feature. This year’s shorts program dedicated to such mission-driven films, includes Won’t Pipe Down, directed and produced by Marley McDonald, Dan McNew, Abby Riggleman, and Art Pekun. The film follows the residents of Nelson County, Virginia – from the inhabitants of a land co-op to a family of distillers, as they unite to fight the extension of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline through their land. Their dissent raises key questions of eminent domain, individual rights, and environmental justice. Discussion with filmmakers Dan McNew and Abby Riggleman follows screening.

In Stop the Burning, narrator Jane Goodall leads world leaders in government, nonprofit, and business sectors to convene at the World Economic Forum and form a chorus of voices to help put a stop to deforestation. The film is followed by a discussion with Stop the Burning‘s director Jeff Horowitz.

Message in a Bottle will have its DC premiere at the Festival. Directed by Danny Schmidt and produced by Danny Schmidt and James Balog, the film follows Balog, a photographer, as he travels to Hawaii’s Mauna Loa Observatory to capture evidence of climate change in its most essential, yet elusive form: the air we breathe.

Loïc Fontimpe‘s The Secrets Held in the Ice follows Claude Lorius on a 1956 voyage to Antarctica, where the beauty and mystery of the ice inspires him to become one of the world’s great glaciologists. Hand-drawn animation makes his scientific exploits and vital discoveries come to life onscreen.

Flower of the Sea, another DC premiere, is about a Venezuelan island in the ruins of the first Spanish city in South America,  abandoned with the depletion of its pearl beds. With a government plan to create a tourist site stalled, archeologist Jorge Armand finds deeper meaning in this refusal to acknowledge the nation’s fraught history. The film is directed by Jorge Thielen Armand.


March 19, 2016, 12:00 pmCarnegie Institute for Science


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Films showing as part of this event

Jeff Horowitz, 10 mins
Marley McDonald, Abby Riggleman, Danny McNew, Art Pekun, 23 mins
Jorge Thielen Armand, 24 mins
Loïc Fontimpe, 14 mins
Danny Schmidt, James Balog, 15 mins