Parks: Protecting Wild – Shorts Program

Carnegie Institution for Science
12:30pm, March 26th

The Festival 2016 Parks theme is presented in partnership with Subaru of America.

Our 2016 Festival theme salutes the Centennial of the U.S. National Park Service while also exploring the vital role of parks and protected areas throughout the world in conserving our planet’s resources –  forests, wildlife, fresh water, and clean air.

The films selected as part of this year’s shorts program to spotlight our Festival theme will include 3 DC premieres and 1 World premiere.

Benjamin Steger‘s Adapting for the Future: National Parks and Climate Change Resilience follows the National Parks Climate Change Response program as it finds creative solutions to maintain the D.C. area’s great outdoor spaces amid rapidly changing environmental conditions.

Beyond the Horizon, among our DC premieres, is directed by Ryan J. Noth. The film spotlights the HMS Erebus, a 19th-century ship whose crew perished when it became icebound. The story is presented from the perspective of the doomed sailors, themselves, as well as the Parks Canada archaeologists investigating the wreck in the present day. Other DC premieres, presented as part of the program include Operation Moffat and Unacceptable RiskFirefighters on the Front Lines of Climate Change. 

In Operation Moffat, filmmaker Jen Randall and writer Claire Carter interview Gwen Moffat, Britain’s first female mountain guide, who at 91 is a wealth of wit and stories. Unacceptable Risk investigates Colorado’s transforming fire environment, from raised temperatures, to drying underbrush, and forest trees subjected to a host of diseases, including those in Rocky Mountain National Park. Directed and produced by The Story Group, the film examines the consequences of human-caused climate change for firefighters, facing an unprecedented level of danger on a daily basis.

Ben Moon‘s Rabbit Island ensures that an untouched island in Lake Superior will remain undeveloped, as a group of young people gather there to live in synchrony with the ecosystem.

Space We Claim, which will have its world premiere at our 24th Annual Festival, reflects on the critical role that DC parks play in creating a sense of community and connecting people to nature. Parks embody our ideals of democracy: they’re for all people to use as they wish. The film, directed and produced by Ben Dorger is also narrated by Steve Coleman, the Executive Director and President of Washington Parks & People.

March 26, 2016, 12:30pm – Carnegie Institution for Science


*Introduced by Leslie Jones, Chief of Staff, USDA, Natural Resources and Environment.

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Event Times:

3/26 12:30 pm
Parks: Protecting Wild – Shorts Program
Carnegie Institution for Science

Films showing as part of this event

Ben Dorger, 8 mins
Ben Moon, 6 mins
Claire Carter, Jen Randall, 20 mins
Ryan J. Noth, 8 mins