D.C. Filmmaker Showcase

Vital Liquido

Subsistence Mayan farmers in the highlands of Guatemala are struggling to hold onto their lives and futures at the hands of a five-year drought that has caused their wells, springs, and pipes to run dry. The faraway rivers are polluted, and finding potable water is an everyday challenge.


Directed by Zach Zimmerman and Michelle Morandotti

(USA, 2018, 31 min.)




This six-part journey into the wonder and power of seeds introduces us to seed people around the world, from farmers to baristas, from gardeners to scientists, from pioneers to visionaries.


Directed by Walker Lambert

(USA, 2018, 62 min.)



Post-screening discussion feat. Walker Lambert (Director, Seeds!) & Zach Zimmerman and Michelle Morandotti (Directors, Vital Liquido)


Films showing as part of this event

62 mins
31 mins