What’s the Deal with Chewing Gum?

Director and producer, Andrew Nisker on his film Dark Side of the Chew and how the little things in our lives impact the big picture of our environment.



Andrew Nisker is a Canadian documentary filmmaker. He has written, directed, and produced several full-length documentary films and is the founder of Take Action Films. His latest film, ’Dark Side of the Chew’, takes on the world’s second most common form of litter: chewing gum.  Andrew believes that the story will act as a gateway to young minds to enhance their awareness of this seemingly invisible pollution that has an enormous social, environmental and economic impact.


Dark Side of the Chew will have its DC premiere at the 24th Annual Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital. The film screening takes place at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library on Thursday, March 24th at 12pm.

Register for the Dark Side of the Chew screening here.

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