Watch Online Wednesdays

Watch Online Wednesdays features “Catch It,” directed by Sarah Menzies, founder of Let Media. The short film, which premiered at our 2015 Festival, documents the nomadic and free-spirited lifestyle of surfer and outdoor enthusiast Leá Brassy, who lives out of her van in the Lofoten Islands in Northern Norway. Brassy finds happiness by connecting with the natural environment, and spends her days climbing, skiing, fishing, and surfing. Her passions stem from a love for adventure and an appreciation for simplicity:

“I own the minimum, and I’m happy with the minimum. And I think when you own little, you get more focused on what you like and you’re actually able to build up more adventures and good times with your passions and friends and people you love. I guess that’s what simplicity means, to me at least.” -Leá Brassy

Want to know more about Leá Brassy? Check out her instagram or learn more about her experience as a Patagonia Surf Ambassador.

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