#ThrowbackThursday: Earth Day at Howard University

Sure, it’s been two months since the big day, but any excuse to celebrate the planet.

PHOTOS: Green Film Festival Joins Local Orgs for Howard University’s Green Fair 

Howard University Earth Day is a special event because it challenges students to rethink environmentalism and sustainability.  Both concepts can be very vague and intangible for most students, so the Office of Sustainability created the Earth Day Fair to bring them to life. We have partner organizations and companies come to campus to show students sustainable products and services. We also host panels, debates and other learning opportunities to engage students in dialogues about pressing environmental issues. This year our panel discussed the challenges facing D.C.’s Anacostia River. In addition to hosting the fair and panel we had an environmental film screening, [presented by DCEFF].  The film screening allows students to see how sustainability looks in communities around the world. Students in social sciences, business, natural sciences, communications, engineering and similar fields usually find something they relate to at the panel or the fair, but students who are studying the arts sometimes feel like they don’t have a place in sustainability.  The film screening seeks to help students in the arts reconsider where their place might be.  It provides an opportunity for students to see great story telling and how their own art could help build a greener tomorrow.

— llai S. Kenney, Howard University’s Office of Sustainability




Photo Credit: Deidre Belinfanti