#ThrowbackThursday: DCEFF’s Youth Media Workshop @ THEARC

Remember that time we brought DC teens and local filmmakers together? Here’s a look back …

There’s nothing quite like nostalgia.

And on nice summer days like this one, we’re reminded of great memories.

Remember when we hosted our first youth media workshop?

It’s was Dec 12, 2016. Just last year, but it feels so long ago.

Here’s a look back:

Youth Media Workshop @ THEARC from Environmental Film Festival on Vimeo.
DCEFF hosted a youth media workshop at Town Hall Education Arts Recreation Campus (THEARC), in conjunction with our first-ever Digital Shorts Competition and Youth Film Award.

During the workshop, DC teens, ages 12 years old and up, learned the fundamentals of digital storytelling and short-form filmmaking, from story structure to cinematography to editing and sound design, using accessible forms of mobile technology (primarily, smartphones and tablets).

The workshop also featured a series of short, interactive presentations led by local filmmakers and media artists, who shared their work experience, inspiration and motivation as storytellers. advice, with respect to the following learning goals:

  • Media Literacy: Story & Purpose
  • Critical Thinking: Storyboarding & Scriptwriting
  • Visual Representation: Cinematography
  • Production Roles: Crew Responsibilities & Protocol
  • Interviewing: Character Approach & Key Questions
  • Sound Design: Music & Audio Recording
  • Editing Essentials: Post Production
  • We’re so proud of the inaugural event and our continued partnership with THEARC! Not to mention all the talented teens who participated in the workshop and competition.

    Check out more photos from the workshop here.