LISTEN: The Artful, Otherworldly Soundtrack of ‘Salero’

Interested in Mike Plunkett’s stunning, new documentary? Wait until you hear the music by composer Adam Wiltzie.

The soundscape of a film plays a critical part in shaping how the audience experiences and connects with the story on the big screen. A prime example of thoughtful audio at work is Salero, the upcoming DCEFF 365 documentary, showing at The National Museum of Natural History, tomorrow night at 6:30pm. [RESERVE YOUR SPOT HERE]

The nonfiction feature, directed by Mike Plunkett is the first in a three-film series, entitled Stories from a Transforming World. Salero is a poetic journey through the eyes of Moises, one of the last remaining salt gatherers or “saleros,” who harvest salt from Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat. Set at the dawn of the modern age in one of the most secluded places on earth, Moises’ story explores how identity is formed by both tradition and progress.

Likewise, composer Adam Wiltzie highlights Salero‘s rich and vivid cinematography with an equally entrancing soundtrack. “I was fascinated by this mythical space” says Wiltzie, “and its ability to define the identities of the people who live in its vicinity, where this vast salt flat itself would be a central character.”

Enjoy a taste of the music from Salero with the track “Lithium, The New Era,” featured below. The complete soundtrack will be available November 11th on iTunes, but why should your ears have all the fun? You can appreciate the complete Salero experience much sooner. Register now and join us for the screening tomorrow night.


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