#TBT: DCEFF’s 2015 Advocacy Award Winner ‘Racing Extinction’

Director Louie Psihoyos presented the award-winning film to DC students at the Festival’s 2015 Youth Program, which took place at the Lincoln Theatre.


Director [Louie] Psihoyos and co-producer Gina Papabeis with DC students at 2015 Youth Program.

“He describes Racing Extinction as “a real-life Avengers.” In the film, [Psihoyos] visits the scientists and activists working on the front lines of a global catastrophe: Earth, they tell us, is losing species 1,000 times faster than the natural rate of extinction. The baiji river dolphin, Western black rhino, and golden toad are among the disappeared in recent years; the population of Maui’s dolphins in New Zealand has plummeted by half since 2004—there may be as few as 43 of them left. Blue whales in the southern oceans are down to just a fraction of historical levels, and plankton production is just 40 percent of what it was a half century ago. Forty-one percent of all amphibians are considered threatened. “We’re losing species faster than we can describe them,” Psihoyos laments. ‘When you’re talking about losing all of nature, it’s no longer a spectator sport. Everybody has to become active somehow.'”

— via Wired