#FilmmakerFriday: 2016 Filmmaker Brings New Documentary Closer to Home

Director Charles Wilkinson’s new documentary, No Fixed Address, explores Vancouver housing crisis.

Filmmaker Behind 2016 Film ‘Haida Gwaii’ Brings New Film Closer to Home

“You say ‘I am working on a movie about Haida Gwai’ and they say ‘isn’t that somewhere near Alaska?’ They don’t really connect to it,” said Wilkinson recently. “You say, like with this movie, I am working on a movie about housing and they are ‘oh my God don’t get me started.”

Wilkinson is known for his trilogy of environmental documentaries: Peace Out, Oil Sands Karaoke and Haida Gwaii: On the Edge of the World. His latest film fits squarely into this oeuvre.

“I’ve been making a series of environmental films and it occurred to me that we’re making films about places that people say are under threat from over-commercial exploitation, so we are all over the north and stuff,” said Wilkinson recently. “It suddenly occurred to me my immediate environment, which is Vancouver, is a place that people are saying is under a real threat for commercial over exploitation so the parallels are pretty direct. It is an environmental story.”

– via TheProvince.com