Filmfest DC Takes a Look at ‘Tomorrow’

The winner of the 2016 César (the French Oscars®) for best documentary is showing today, 4/25 and Thursday, 4/27 at Landmark E Street Cinema.

Tuesday, April 25: FilmfestDC Shows What’s at Stake ‘Tomorrow’

If the terms “global warming” and “sixth extinction event” make you hide your brain under a cat video, you need a dose of Tomorrow. Winner of the 2016 César (the French Oscars®) for best documentary, this is a brilliant exploration of possibility in the face of terrifying probability. French actress Mélanie Laurent joined activist and writer Cyril Dion and a handful of resourceful friends to see not only what should be done, but what is being done right now, to save the earth. Traveling to 10 countries, they visit urban gardens feeding Detroit’s poor and village-wide “propaganda” plots in England, permaculture farms in Normandy and India, and whole Scandinavian cities gone carbon neutral. They talk to scientists, economists, and philosophers. Without being politically naïve—the statistics are still scary—they portray the joy in people uniting to put their brains and hearts to the most vital task at hand.

—Judy Bloch via @Filmfest DC


Tomorrow screens on:

 Tues. April 25th, 6:15pm — Landmark’s E Street Cinema 

Thurs. April 27th, 6:45pm — Landmark’s E Street Cinema