Three Things You Can Do: Bikes vs. Cars

Thank you for coming out to see Bikes vs Cars last night. As seen in the film, a bike-friendly city is possible. In Copenhagen, cycling accounts for 40 percent of the city’s commuting. Washington, D.C. has embraced this trend as well.  With over 70 miles of bike lanes already, the city plans for an additional 70 miles of fully protected bike lanes the future.

Here are three things you can do to get involved:

Bike app11) Download the Bikes vs. Cars App that tracks your avoided CO2 emissions.

The smartphone app monitors your cycling activity to measure the amount of CO2 emissions saved. In addition, the app aggregates community activity to provide feedback to city planners.

bikes_vs_cars_panel22) Grease up those gears and start biking to work.

 According to the League of American Bicyclist, bike commuting in Washington D.C. has increased 315 percent from 1990.  They city was ranked fifth overall in’s 2014 Top 50 Bike-Friendly Cities.




capbikeshare13) Support a cycling organization that advocates for improved biking conditions.

The Washington Area Bicyclist Association, which represents more than 4,000 cyclists, provides classes, events, and advocacy. Other D.C. cycling enthusiasts include Capital Bikeshare and Potomac Pedalers.

Happy pedaling!