DCEFF Online Playlist: World Oceans Day

Total Runtime: 77 min.

The theme of World Oceans Day 2021 is “Life and Livelihoods”, so we chose eight films that help explore this. Featured are shorts that take a hard look at the challenges facing the oceans and the people who rely on them (acidification, pollution, overfishing), as well as other stories celebrating innovation and determination to solve those challenges.

Dive Tierra Bomba Dive

Joya Berrow & Lucy Jane | 11 min. | 2020

Watch Here

Ocean-Focused Panel Discussions:

Playing with Sharks (Feat. Wendy Benchley & Valerie Taylor)

Secrets of the Whales (Feat. Brian Skerry)

Entangled (Feat. David Abel & Rep. Seth Moulton)

Sharkwater Extinction (Feat. Brian & Sandy Stewart)

Peng Yu Sai (Feat. Malaika Vaz & Nitye Sood)


Additional Recommendations:

2018 Environmental Champion: Dr. Sylvia Earle Tribute

Sharkwater Extinction (Amazon Prime)

Secrets of the Whales (Disney+)

Chasing Coral (YouTube/Netflix)

Ghost Fleet (Tubi)

The Islands and the Whales (Vimeo on Demand)