World Elephant Day Film Recommendations

Celebrate World Elephant Day with Some Past DCEFF Selections

World Elephant Day is an annual international event dedicated to the preservation and protection of the world’s elephants. Despite their beauty, majesty, and critical role in maintaining the health of our ecosystems, African and Asian elephants face significant threats to their existence. Poaching and the illegal wildlife trade, habitat loss, human-elephant conflict, and abuse in captivity are just some of the factors contributing to a steep decline in elephant populations, even potential extinction.

At DCEFF, we recognize the urgent need for elephant conservation on an international scale. In honor of World Elephant Day, we are pleased to share some of our past Festival films that spotlight elephants and global preservation efforts, including anti-poaching policies and patrols, ivory bans and stockpiles, protection of elephant habitats and reserves, and many other important initiatives. Take a look at our films and the powerful stories they tell here.

Love and Bananas

Ashley Bell | 76 min. | 2018

Available to rent/purchase via most major platforms


Uncle Elephant

Jon Bougher | 5 min. | 2020

Streaming free on Vimeo


Elephant Path – Njaia Njoku

Todd McGrain | 79 min. | 2019

Available to rent/purchase via Vimeo on Demand

Silent Forests

Mariah Wilson | 109 min | 2019

Included with Amazon Prime

The Last Animals

Kate Brooks | 92 min. | 2018

Streaming via Hulu


Naledi: A Baby Elephants Tale

Geoff Luck & Ben Bowie | 90 min. | 2017

Streaming via Documentary Mania and Netflix


Gardeners of Eden

Austin Peck & Anneliese Vandenberg | 70 min. | 2015 

Streaming via Netflix


White Gold

Simon Trevor | 38 min. | 2014

Purchase for $0.99 via Vimeo on Demand